Corporate Safety Policy

Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd. believes that, the Health and Safety of every Worker is of extreme importance. Towards this idea and with a safe workplace it is one of our main goals, that every Employee, Contractor, Supervisor and Manager, is committed to supporting our HSE program. Injury prevention and maintaining a safe and health working environment for all our Workers, benefits Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd., and all who work for us, and with us.

Every Worker of the company is responsible for personal safety and the safety of fellow workers. The responsibility begins with the company President, and continues through each level of management to reach every Worker, including even the newest personnel. This responsibility cannot be delegated or otherwise set aside.

The same corporate attention to safety transcends to the protection of the general public and also to the physical resources belonging to or leased to Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd.

It is the position of Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd. that the company’s safety policies and procedures will, as a minimum, comply with all Federal, Provincial and Local Regulations applicable to Worker safety.

The HSE program calls for the participation of all Workers working toward an environment in which every job or task is performed in the safest practical manner by a well-trained workforce using the proper equipment. The benefits of such efforts are numerous and obvious.