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Fire & Flood Emergency Services patented water delivery technology is designed to maximize heat energy absorption and increase moisture content in fuels by delivering water in precise volumes, flow rates, and dispersion patterns.


At Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd., our mission goes beyond combating wildfires and managing floods. We are also deeply committed to providing exceptional rescue services to ensure the safety and well-being of those affected by emergencies and disasters.

The goal of everyone on our Technical Rescue Team is to prevent having to perform a rescue in the first place. We take an active approach to safety and risk mitigation through a process of comprehensive inspections, hazard identification, and permit reviews. Eliminating variables is a key part to any operation. By deploying our own rigorously maintained and inspected equipment to your job, we have eliminated numerous safety-related variables.

Our “rescue prevention” approach all starts with our team accommodating your team. Our Technical Rescue Team is staffed with only the highest caliber rescuers who must meet rigorous selection and fitness standards. They bring a level of experience and practical expertise that you won’t find anywhere else.

Fire & Flood’s Technical Rescue Team not only improve your site safety and mitigate hazards, but their presence also improves on-site moral and trust from client company employees, which increases productivity overall. Previous clients have spoken of a sense of security they have knowing we’re prepared to respond when the moment arises.

Once on your site, we will develop rescue plans, set up your emergency response plan, and perform a rescue drill to ensure all levels of rescue (s) are achievable. Providing a completely custom safety and rescue plan, including all necessary equipment for each site, is something we pride ourselves on. Our company provides everything for emergencies such as fire, flood and rescue.

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There are a number of factors that come into play when conducting rescue operations but above all the health and safety of both the rescuer and patient are paramount.

Fire & Flood Emergency Services offers multiple rescue services, including steep slopes, high angles, remote extraction module support, as well as swift water rescue. In addition to rescue services, we also provide medical response, boat services, and water safety.

We provide remote medical services and technical terrain operations to patients who are beyond the normal reach. Whether faced with severe weather, wildfires, or flooding we have proven first-line experience to ensure saving lives is at the forefront of every emergency.


R.E.M.S. stands for Rapid Extraction Module Support.

The R.E.M.S. is a pre-staged medical rescue team assigned to a wildland fire to provide firefighters with a safe, effective, and efficient method of egressing off the fireline in the event of injury or illness incurred during firefighting operations.

Crews on the Fort Smith Complex participate in a Rapid Extraction Module Support training evolution. This training reinforces skills needed to support wildland firefighters in case of medical emergencies. Our REMS team is proficient in high-angle, steep slope, and highline rescue, as well as swift water rescue, vehicle extraction, and medical care. Being able to perform at the technician level of these disciplines gives the patient the best chance for survival.

Wildland firefighting is an inherently dangerous profession. While safety is the primary concern during all operations, unintended incidents do occur which result in injury or illness to firefighters. It is the intent of the R.E.M.S. team to provide firefighters, who are unable to egress under their own power, a safe and secure transport off the fireline while simultaneously receiving the appropriate medical attention.

While R.E.M.S. does not intend to replace ground or air transport, ideal conditions may not exist due to several circumstances such as heavy smoke inversion, no roads, or equipment malfunctions. R.E.M.S. provides incident managers another option to reach incapacitated firefighters, with fully equipped resources, prepared to package and transport injured or ill personnel off the fireline to the appropriate medical care unit.


Our highly trained 4-person Rapid Extraction Module Support Team comes equipped with state-of-the-art BLS medical equipment, vehicle extrication tools, as well as swift water and rope rescue equipment to facilitate complex extractions in difficult and challenging terrain. 

Teams utilize a Polaris Ranger with dedicated patient packaging to transport injured firefighters off the fireline.

Fire & Flood’s R.E.M.S. Team not only improves your site safety and mitigates hazards, but their presence also improves on-site morale and trust from client company employees, which increases productivity overall. Previous clients have spoken of a sense of security they have knowing we’re prepared to respond when the moment arises.

Recognizing the need for a more agile and responsive approach to medical & rescue emergencies on wildfires, the concept of Rapid Extraction Module Support (REMS) teams was conceived. These specialized units operate on the frontline, bridging the gap between conventional firefighting tactics and the need for swift, efficient extrication and evacuation of personnel in high-risk situations.

REMS teams play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of firefighters operating in the wildfire zone. Their rapid response capabilities and specialized training allow for the swift extraction of personnel in case of sudden changes in fire behavior or other emergencies, preventing injuries and fatalities among firefighting crews.

Beyond firefighter safety, REMS teams contribute to the efficient evacuation of civilians caught in the wildfire’s path. Their mobility and ability to navigate challenging terrains ensure that evacuation efforts are timely and well-coordinated, minimizing the risk to residents and facilitating a smoother evacuation process.

The speed at which a wildfire evolves necessitates rapid response measures. REMS teams, strategically positioned and equipped for swift deployment, significantly reduce response times. This agility is crucial for containing wildfires in their early stages, preventing the escalation of the disaster.

REMS teams leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance their effectiveness. Drones equipped with thermal imaging, GPS tracking, and communication tools provide real-time data for situational awareness. Specialized vehicles, designed for off-road mobility, enable quick and safe access to remote locations. These advancements empower REMS teams to make informed decisions and execute precise extrication and evacuation strategies.

The effectiveness of REMS teams hinges on rigorous training and seamless collaboration with other emergency response units. Regular simulations and joint exercises with firefighting crews, medical teams, and law enforcement ensure that REMS teams can seamlessly integrate into the broader emergency response framework.

In conclusion, the introduction and integration of Rapid Extraction Module Support teams mark a paradigm shift in wildfire response strategies. These specialized units, with their focus on rapid extrication, enhanced safety, and efficient evacuation, are indispensable in mitigating the impact of wildfires on both human lives and the environment. As wildfires continue to pose a growing threat, the investment in REMS teams is not just a tactical necessity but a commitment to the safety and well-being of communities facing the fury of nature’s most formidable forces.