Our Team

We are a small group of men and women with a vast amount of knowledge in a wide variety of industries. With knowledge and experiences together we make a vary diverse and dynamic team.

Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd "FFES" was created with the mind set of the Fort McMurry, Alberta Fire that hit Alberta Canada in 2016. It was a very devastating time for everyone.

With that being said, we wanted to find a way to help those in need. Change the way fires were being battled. Along the way, we thought with this technology, not only could we help with fire control, but also put our vast knowledge with water handling to other uses as well, i.e. flooding, water transfers for agricultural purposes and much more.

FFES isn't just about fire control and suppression. We are here to help communities in any emergency situation. No matter the task at hand.

Our Founders & Representatives

Terry Raymond - President terry@fire-flood.com

Kit Moyer - Field Operations & Coordinator kit@fire-flood.com

Aaron Pritchard - Director of Business & Community Development aaron@fire-flood.com

Shelby Karpenchuk - Operations Manager & SCO shelby@fire-flood.com

Anthony Jumeau - Community & Business Development Representative tony@fire-flood.com

Brendan Sulz - Business Sales brendan@fire-flood.com

Crew - BC fire 2018

Crew - BC fire 2018