Fire & Flood Emergency Service LTD


Fire & Flood Emergency Services patented water delivery technology is designed to maximize heat energy absorption and increase moisture content in fuels by delivering water in precise volumes, flow rates, and dispersion patterns.

Indigenous Relations

The Indigenous Relations promotes meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities and advice regarding facilitating partnerships and relationship-building with Indigenous communities in Canada’s First Nations & Native American Tribes in the US. Since 2021, our Indigenous department has successfully supported a number of Indigenous communities in mitigation plans, flood & wildfire mitigations, and in-person visits/presentations to Chiefs, Councils, DEMs, and Emergency response leaders, enhancing relationships for years to come.

The objectives of the Indigenous Relations are aimed at the following:

  • Establish and strengthen community relationships, coordinate consultations, coordinate information sharing and provide strategic advice.
  • Assist in managing Fire & Flood emergency response including deployment, negotiating, facilitating meetings, and exchanging information.
  • Plan and facilitate negotiations with First Nations and government, and support key responsibilities, including communications, research, planning and coordination and contract matters.
  • Support Indigenous funding opportunities through application to existing provincial and federal funding.
  • Foster a working relationship with other organizations and governing bodies.
  • Support Indigenous communities with Emergency Response, Planning and Mitigation.
  • In-person visits to Indigenous communities’ presentation to Chiefs, Councils, DEMs/DDEMS, Executive Directors, Emergency Response Leaders, Fire Chiefs on Fire & Flood Emergency Services. Develop or enhance relationships in each community, showing respect to each community leader.
  • Operational training tailored to empowering the Nation members. Working together in implementing your Nation’s Emergency Response Plan, covering Fire, Flood and Rescue scenarios.

Our goal is to help create a self-sufficient community with the potential of future opportunities.