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Fire & Flood Emergency Services patented water delivery technology is designed to maximize heat energy absorption and increase moisture content in fuels by delivering water in precise volumes, flow rates, and dispersion patterns.


With kilometers of flood mitigation barriers available for flood containment, pumping power capable of moving vast amounts of water measured in cubic meters per minute, and all-terrain amphibious vehicles ready to go anywhere, Fire & Flood Emergency Services is your go-to when the threat of flood hazard is increasing.

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Fire & Flood Emergency Services patented water delivery technology systems are the absolute best dual-purpose equipment available. Along with numerous pumps at the ready, with sizes ranging from 49HP to 644HP and submersible pump options from” to 12”, plumbed into hose options sized from 2” to 16”, our team is also trained in the proper setup and use of flood mitigation barriers. Flood mitigation barriers have various application uses and are widely useful in the containment of anticipated flood waters. With low environmental impact equipment including the All Track 150 HD, Marooka, and the amphibious Argo and Wolverine, nearly all flood response areas can be risk assessed, and when appropriate, accessible by our response crews.


Advance Warning Equipment IoT Flood Inundation Sensor

The Remote Autonomous, Networkable Flood Sensor

The Advance Warning Equipment (AWARE) Floodsystem is a simple, rugged, and low-cost flood sensor that detects and automatically alerts users to flooding. This lightweight, portable solution is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and autonomously monitor water levels and other environmental conditions used to help determine the risk of flooding. The system supports user-configurable reporting periods and thresholds which can automatically send warnings in almost real-time.

AWARE Flood reports water levels continuously using a self-sustaining battery and passive solar energy harvesting system. It is built on proven IntelliSense technology to ensure a robust power capability for at least seven days without a solar recharge. Additionally, the proprietary battery pack is field replaceable and can be recharged through the serial port.

The AWARE Flood system is comprised of a network of sensor nodes, each consisting of a loT sensor node that is connected to a submersible water level sensor through a 49-foot cable to independently monitor waterway conditions. Data from the entire wireless network can be sent via a direct cellular Internet of Things (loT) communications link, which is also configurable with a two-way Iridium satellite for reliable communication around the world and an alternate form of data transmission.

Key Features:

  • Integrated data logger
  • Integrated solar power
  • Integrated processor
  • 900 MHz wireless mesh radio (Coming Soon)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Operations
  • Cellular
  • Iridium Satellite
  • SDI-12 expansion port
  • Rugged and lockable
  • Optional color imaging camera
  • Automatically detects flash floods

Data Collected:

  • GPS Location
  • Water depth
  • Barometric pressure
  • Battery voltage
  • Air & water temperature


The concept of Water-Gate is simple: it’s the weight of the water that stops the water. Its unique design makes it possible for the water to enter inside the fabric and it stabilizes the barrier instantaneously.

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The Water-Gate Flood Series is specially developed with a ballast built into the front flap of the barrier to provide better control of the water. Deploy the WaterDam in a very short period of time while the water has already started. Available in different sizes of protection up to 5ft. (1.5m), at any length. Made of strong material (polyester fabric coated with High-strengthPVC), a superior quality fabric resistant to corrosion and toxic products. In addition to being flexible and portable, its use can be for short or long duration.

The barrier can be stored for a longer time without impacting its efficiency and durability. MegaSecur is the main manufacturer and International distributor of Water Gate water barriers – a solution for flood protection, urban stormwater deviation, hazmat/oil spill response, temporary cofferdams, and water supply for firefighters. The lightweight design allows for timely intervention in remote or hard-to-access environments. They require very little manpower for deployment. Their life span varies between 20-25 years.

Key Features:

  • Connectable
  • No Tools
  • Reusable
  • Two People
  • < than 5min.
  • Portable
  • Economical


The liquid holding tank and containment all-in-one tool.

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  • Unique and patented
  • Fire Rescue Services tested and approved
  • Acting as a quick connect modular linear barrier containment of toxic water runoff from various types of fires. Rapid H2O also creates wildfire breaks walls
  • Cost-effective rapid response and reusable many times
  • Can be used for hazmat liquid storage and containment during emergencies
  • Rapid deployment and tear down, as compared to other types of portable liquid storage tanks
  • Each section, when packed flat, is under 6” high and 39” square, but deploys to hold 1,300 gallons of liquid in just minutes
  • Flat packed for simple storage transportation
  • Excellent for remote areas or delivery by helicopter and ATV
  • So well made and robust that Rapid-H2O has passed Florida hurricane weather testing
  • Can be used to block off roads during emergencies

Perfect for:

  • Flood protection and water diversion, including coffer damming
  • Temporary storage of hazardous liquids, including oil, diesel fuel, etc.
  • Temporary storage of oil absorbents or other contaminated solids
  • Temporary storage of non-potable water is required during natural disasters including forest fires
  • Shoreline protection from oil spills
  • Oil spill decontamination and cleaning of equipment
  • Containment barrier for various hazmat spills, including toxic water from fires


The Tiger Dam flood barrier is a rapid, proactive deployment system specifically designed to act as a temporary solution suitable for use in a wide variety of situations.

Environmentally friendly so it leaves no footprint, while respecting our planets ecosystem. The barrier can be filled with the flood water (fresh/salt), creating an impermanent flood mitigation.

Fire & Flood Emergency Services successful demonstrated ability with using Tiger Dam flood barrier continues to be a key resolution when dealing with the threat of future flooding.

A critical element in any Fire & Flood proactive flood plan is the ability to control, divert and contain flood
waters to certain areas and to have the ability to respond in a rapid fashion during an emergency, especially
when resources are stretched to the limit. The rugged, interlocking system can be configured in a wide
variety of sizes ranging from a few feet to a few miles in length and height, with 24”, 36” 42” x 50’ long.

Low labor and quick filling time minimizes crew’s time on the front lines who may be in harms way. Plus no
heavy sandbags to lift will minimize health risks. Modular and simple to use, each component can be
handled by one or two people (tube weighs approx. 60lbs. empty). When full of water it weighs over 6100lbs.
to help ensure Tiger Dams stability. After the flood the tubes are drained, cleaned and stored for future use.
With the proper care Tiger Dams are designed to last up to 17 years.