Fire & Flood Emergency Service LTD


Fire & Flood Emergency Services patented water delivery technology is designed to maximize heat energy absorption and increase moisture content in fuels by delivering water in precise volumes, flow rates, and dispersion patterns.

Aviation Support

Fire & Floods patented all-risk mobile hydrant system has been developed for a multiplicity of uses, including the movement of water into wildfire zones and out of flooded areas.

Fire & Flood’s mobile support tanks and heli-portable, high-volume water delivery and distribution systems transfer consistent unlimited water flow to a safe, proximal location for first responders and support aircraft, working together to maximize their success. In many cases, access to a wildfire is quickest by air. However, suitable water sources to draw from are not always convenient and account for unnecessary delays in suppressant delivery time, fire spread rates, and damages incurred. Our patented all-risk mobile hydrant system can span multiple kilometers, delivering unlimited water to support first responder engines and tenders. System capabilities also include continuous potable water supply to municipal water systems when those systems fail due to all hazard damages. 

A proactive mindset can reduce and/or eliminate a reactive situation.

Mobile Support Tank:
• 80 cubes/20,000 Gallons
• Reduce flight times between water loads
• Easily deployed in wildfire areas

Heli-Portable System:
• Targeted for intermediate size helicopters to avoid the need for medium size helicopters
• Defensive & Offensive systems to protect community values.
• All-inclusive system pumps, hose, fittings, tools, ATV, and generators

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