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We provide the quickest deployment of fire protection and flood reduction equipment.
Over the harshest terrain and longest distances in an effort to save lives and property.

Our Team

Dedicated Professionals

Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd. is a hazard reduction company assisting all public and private agencies around the world. Our patent pending water delivery systems offers our customers the quickest deployment and fastest demobilization of equipment over the harshest terrains at extreme distances.

We have a very dynamic team of professionals ranging from life time in the energy sector, career military and career firefighters. We are dedicated to saving lives and property with state of the art fire suppression and fire mitigation systems.


Terry Raymond

Founder / President

20 Years Energy Sector Experience Water Transfer Managment & Transportation


Guy Parlette

Operations Manager

15 Years Water Transfer Project Management & Logistics


Bryce Muench

U.S Operations Director

20 Years in Public Service Lieutenant Montana Fire Department


Doug Boots

Logistics Chief

23 Year Retired Marine
Logistics / Crisis Action Ops Chief
Executive MBA


Heavy fuel loads in our forests, more citizens seeking a wilderness lifestyle, dryer/longer years and evasive insects degrading the moisture content, all surmount to large scale fire storms. Fire & Flood Emergency Services offers a means to access water over vast distances in excess of 45 miles to build a water curtain barrier as a buffer to slow the firestorm activity. The fire agencies also have the ability to tap into the mobile hydrant system through our manifold systems for further fire suppression activities reducing water shuttle intervals as well as reducing manpower and personnel exhaustion.


Inadequate infrastructure for drainage during emergency events such as tsunamis, heavy snowmelt, heavy rain fall and hurricane surge are common for many parts of the world. Fire & Flood Emergency Services have the means to redirect water to safer areas within a very short timeframe.


We offer custom solutions for all the following areas from consulting to equipment supply to manpower and logistics;

  • Municipal Communities
  • Governmental Agencies
  • Wood Production Plants
  • Solar/Wind Farms
  • Railway Systems
  • Mining Operations
  • Ranch Lands
  • Privatization

What We Do

Fighting Fire with Science

May 11th, 2018, Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd. completed a demo of a two line 80,000 litres per minute mass water suppression system stretching for 3.2 km on a 1200 acre fire.

This increased the humidity, while dropping the ambient temperature, helping to fight the fire on the most direct level.

These readings were achieved using drones with monitoring devices.

Our system will directly inject water into the atmosphere lowering the temperature and raising the humidity. 

By doing this we will be fighting the fire on the molecular level, by lowering the temperature and and raising the humidity we are helping remove one of the crucial legs of the fire triangle 

26.1 °C


Municipality & Government Services


A solution to the most challenging urban interface properties. Hard line construction, permanent water storage tanks, hard mounted cannons with 360 rotation. 100% coverage of home or asset. 

Residential & Hardline Services


Giving a fire department or municipality the ability to rapidly deploy the largest front line fire suppression system on the market. With miles of deployable hose, patented mobile manifold mounted cannons and state of the art satellite integrated pumps. This is the line fire will not cross.


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Testing System - May 2018

Mobile Equipment

Specialized equipment for the job

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Fire and Flood Emergency Services; has a variety of pumps with various sizes from 49HP to 644HP.

Water Cannon

Fire and Flood Emergency Services; provides mass water movement with a variety of different size pumps, manifolds and hoses. With a throw range from 24m to 90m.

Modular Water Storage Tanks

Fire and Flood Emergency Services; supplies vast water containment units from 1,400 - 9,500m3.

Amphibious & Low Environmental Impact Equipment

Fire and Flood Emergency Services; provides Low Impact Equipment including the All Track 150 HD, Marooka, Argo and the Wolverine.


Fire and Flood Emergency Services; supplies hose constructed with high tenacity fibres and extremely abrasion resistant thermoplastic polyurethane.

Heavy Equipment

Fire and Flood Emergency Services; has a variety of specialized equipment including: Light towers, Generators, Skid Steers, Deployment Systems, Dozers and other Heavy Machinery.



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Corporate Safety Policy

Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd. believes that, the Health and Safety of every Worker is of extreme importance. Towards this idea and with a safe workplace it is one of our main goals, that every Employee, Contractor, Supervisor and Manager, is committed to supporting our HSE program. Injury prevention and maintaining a safe and health working environment for all our Workers, benefits Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd., and all who work for us, and with us.

Every Worker of the company is responsible for personal safety and the safety of fellow workers. The responsibility begins with the company President, and continues through each level of management to reach every Worker, including even the newest personnel. This responsibility cannot be delegated or otherwise set aside.
The same corporate attention to safety transcends to the protection of the general public and also to the physical resources belonging to or leased to Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd.

It is the position of Fire & Flood Emergency Services Ltd. that the company’s safety policies and procedures will, as a minimum, comply with all Federal, Provincial and Local Regulations applicable to Worker safety.

The HSE program calls for the participation of all Workers working toward an environment in which every job or task is performed in the safest practical manner by a well-trained workforce using the proper equipment. The benefits of such efforts are numerous and obvious.

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