We know mobile water management! When you absolutely, positively, need to move water, we are there… Fire & Flood Emergency Services is a hazard reduction company assisting all public and private agencies around the world.  Our patent pending water delivery systems offers our customers the quickest deployment and fastest demobilization of equipment over the harshest terrains and distances.  First to market “mass-water” deployments using the best in pumps, hoses, water canons and manifold technology. We have a proven  track record of success that rival any conventional method used today.

Wildfire - Heavy fuel loads in our forests, more citizens seeking a wilderness lifestyle, dryer/longer years and evasive insects degrading the moisture content, all surmount to large scale fire storms. Fire & Flood Emergency Services offers a means to access water over vast distances in excess of 75 kilometres (45 miles) to build a water curtain barrier as a buffer to slow the firestorm activity. The fire agencies also have the ability to tap into the mobile hydrant system through our manifold systems for further fire suppressions activities reducing water shuttle intervals as well as reducing manpower and personnel exhaustion. 

Flood-  Inadequate infrastructure for drainage during emergency events such as tsunamis, heavy snowmelt, heavy rain fall and hurricane surge are common for many parts of the world. Fire & Flood Emergency Services have the means to redirect water to safer areas within a very short timeframe.

We offer custom solutions for all the following areas from consulting to equipment supply to manpower and logistics; 

  1. Municipal Communities
  2. Governmental Agencies 
  3. Wood Production Plants
  4. Oil/Gas/Nuclear
  5. Solar/Wind Farms
  6. Hydro Power Structures
  7. Railway Systems
  8. Mining Operations
  9. Ranch lands

Fire & Flood Emergency Services

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